What We Love About Our New Fall Vegetables

A new season calls for new vegetable varieties! We are excited to add these fun options to our nursery selection. A mix of specialty grows and everyday favorites, our new additions are perfect for your next planting. These varieties will thrive in your fall garden and make the perfect ingredient for a warm autumn meal on a chilly night. Check out below why we love each of these new varieties!  


One of our most exciting varieties is a specialty green originating from Japan. Described as a harmonious mix between mustard greens and spinach, the leaves can be braised, boiled, tossed into a fresh salad and are absolutely delectable when pickled! This variety only needs about a month to mature before harvesting which makes it one of our fastest growing garden favorites.

Broccoli Rabe

This is a great way to switch up your broccoli, rabe is slightly bitter with great nutty notes. The leaves get nice and crispy when grilled or roasted, creating a nice difference in texture in every bite. Picked young and tender, these stems and florets are my favorite. A prolific grower in the garden, florets will continue to produce on the stem after initial harvesting. 

Broccoli Premium Crop

A classic broccoli variety that produces large, compact heads. This variety is a must have for hotter climates because it holds its mild flavor even through warmer days and continues to keep its delicious taste after harvest. We love to chop these into salads for a delightful crunch or roast and blend into a creamy soup. Perfect for your fall garden, this crop will bring large bountiful harvests! 

Pak Choy 

Also known as the familiar Bok Choy, this variety is a wonderful spin on your cabbage intake. Pak Choy is great cooked, eaten raw, or even fermented! We love this in soups or roasted with big flavor additions as a side dish. Much easier to cut and break down than cabbage, as well as easier to fit in your fridge. Pak choy is the perfect addition to your fall garden. Nutritious and delicious, we love adding this variety to our garden.

Snowball Cauliflower

Classic cauliflower is as versatile as it is tasty. You can roast, grill, steam, puree, pickle, mash, and eat it raw. We love keeping this around in the fall for the many different options it brings in the kitchen. This particular variety of cauliflower is early maturing allowing you to take advantage of your bounty quickly! We like to grow this variety in full sun to get the largest yields possible. 

White Russian Kale

One of the best tasting kales around! This variety has a more tender texture and is fantastic for making salads. We love growing this in our gardens because it produces high yields all season long and handles cold, chilly nights with ease. Elevate your sauteed medley with this savory kale! Fast growing leaves will provide you with ample amounts of this beautiful veggie for you to enjoy all season long! 

We are always thrilled to offer new varieties to our nursery selection. If you have any questions regarding these varieties, you can always contact us via email or directly through our online chat found on any page on our site.