Spring Season Seedlings Now Available!
Organically Grown - Peak Maturity - Safely Shipped

Why Our Plants?

Revival Roots Nursery ships high-quality seedlings at peak maturity ready to thrive in your garden. Our seedlings are grown only with organic methods, hand picked, and shipped safely to your doorstep. Growing your own food has never been easier!

Our vegetable plants are grown with the utmost care. Our vegetable nursery uses the best methods to create quality vegetable plants ready for your garden. Our vegetable plants for sale and herb plants for sale are only offered on a seasonal basis giving you the best opportunity to grow a bountiful harvest. Revival Roots Nursery strives to be the best vegetable nursery providing quality plants and tailored customer service. Our garden specialists are standing by ready to help you every step of the way.

Revival Roots Nursery was born from our experience growing our first business, Revival Roots. Revival Roots builds and maintains organic vegetable gardens for homeowners in Los Angeles. Through maintaining over 100 gardens for 6 years, we have learned that the most common cause of an unsuccessful garden was planting less-than-healthy seedlings. Often, seedlings bought at big box stores or large nurseries are not cared for properly and, as a result, lead to a disappointing harvest. We wanted to fix this issue by providing quality vegetable plants and make growing your own food a breeze!

Have plant questions? Need help planning your vegetable garden? Our garden specialists are standing by ready to help you from planning to harvest. Feel free to use our live chat function or you can send us an email on our contact page. We are here to support you through your gardening experience to ensure you grow bounties for seasons to come!

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How it Works

Step 1:
Select Plants

We source organically grown, seasonal vegetable and herb seedlings at peak maturity. Choose a minimum of 6 seedlings from our curated offerings.

Step 2:
Ship to You

Once we receive your order, we will package your seedlings for safe shipping. In just a few days, the plants will arrive at your doorstep ready to be planted.

Step 3:
Plant Your Garden

Time to get your hands dirty! We include detailed planting and easy care instructions to ensure your garden is a success. Your Backyard-To-Table bounty will soon be ready for harvest!