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Trying to find a vegetable nursery in San Franscisco?

Revival Roots Nursery is your local source for organically-grown vegetable and herb seedlings, conveniently shipped to your doorstep! Our selection of seasonal varieties ensures your garden will bring bountiful harvests all year long. 

Revival Roots Nursery is the premier vegetable nursery in San Francisco because we make it easy for you to shop for your favorite vegetable and herb seedlings, without sacrificing quality. Our professional gardners cultivate the best quality seedlings, grown to peak maturity that will definitely fill your gardens needs. So, what makes us better than big box stores? We pride ourselves on growing for quality, not quantity. This allows us to offer healthy seedlings that are suited best for San Franscisco's coastal climate. We are constantly updating our seasonal inventory, which allows us to offer a wide selection for anyone looking to buy vegetable plants in San Francisco.

There is really nothing better than growing and harvesting your own vegetable plants in San Francisco. The coastal climate is perfectly suited to start your backyard to table farming experience. That’s why at Revival Roots Nursery we offer a range of different vegetable and herb plants in San Francisco on our online shop that are sure to fill everyones culinary needs. Our vegetable nursery in San Francisco not only offers an array of seasonal varieties, but our helpful garden specialist are on hand to answer all your gardening questions and guide you through the ordering process. With years of experience growing in coastal climates, we are happy provide the best advice and insight for growing a successful garden. Simply use our chat function to speak with a garden specialist or shoot us an email with your questions!

Our online website makes it simple for you to choose the right vegetables and herbs for your garden. You can choose from a range of plant options that fit your needs or select one of our variety packs that is a blend of different seedlings well suited for the current season. We give you access to the best quality vegetable plants for sale in San Francisco by making it extremely easy to shop for plants online. Once your order is placed, we thoughtfully package it in our specially designed carriers and ship your seedlings directly to your doorstep. 

Apart from vegetables, we also have a wonderful selection of fresh herbs. Growing herb plants in San Francisco  is perfect for smaller spaces and a great addition to any garden! Oregano, parsley, thyme and many more varieties are some of our favorite garden must haves. Because we all know that herbs are ingredients that a culinary masterpiece can’t go without. Our herb plants for sale in San Francisco come to you healthy and ready to thrive in your garden.

If you're looking for vegetable plants for sale in San Francisco or herb plants for sale in San Francisco Revival Roots Nursery’s online store is the place for you. We ensure that your plants will arrive healthy, thriving and ready to grow! The next time you have a gathering at your home you will be sure to impress your guests with your homegrown bounty, straight from your garden.

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