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Searching for vegetable and herb seedling in San Jose?

Revival Roots Nursery is your one stop shop for buying vegetable and herb plants in San Jose. We ship organically grown vegetable and herb seedlings directly to your doorstep! With our seasonal based plant selections, you'll be sure to find the varieties you've been looking for, all throughout the year.

At Revival Roots Nursery we offer a wide variety of organically grown vegetable and herb seedlings that are carefully curated for each season. Our vegetable plants in San Jose are grown and tended to with the utmost of care, unlike the neglected plants at big box stores that leave you with an unproductive garden. By choosing Revival Roots Nursery as your source for premium seedlings and planting advice, you're guaranteed to grow a bountiful backyard garden! 

As the go-to vegetable nursery in San Jose, we take great pride in providing you, our customers, with the best quality seedlings and services possible. We believe that a garden should be a place of joy and relaxation, and we want to help you create your own little oasis. If you need help deciding what to plant, our expert garden specialist are on hand to answer any gardening questions you may have. We're available to help guide you through the ordering process and advise which plants will grow best in the San Jose climate. You can use our chat function or simply contact us via email. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice, our vegetable and herb plants will help you create a flourishing homegrown garden.

Our vegetable plants for sale in San Jose are specially grown to suit the unique climate in the area. We carry a wide range of vegetables and herbs, all of which are well-suited for San Jose’s mediterranian climate. Our garden specialists are knowledgeable about the needs of each plant and can provide expert advice on how to care for them throughout the season.

Herb plants for sale in San Jose can be hard to find in big box stores. And when you do find them, they are often poor quality or very root bound because they've been sitting on a shelf for weeks! At Revival Roots Nursery we grow our herb selections in small batches to ensure you receive your seedlings at peak maturity. Our offerings are constantly being updated, which allows us deliver high quality herb seedlings directly to your doorstep. We carry a variety of herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme and many more, which can be used to enhance the flavor of your culinary needs. There's nothing better than picking fresh herbs to top off your summer cocktail or adding a few sprigs to warm up your winter stew! 

If you are looking for vegetable and herb plants in San Jose, look no further than Revival Roots Nursery. Our knowledgeable staff, organic growing practices, and seasonal selection of vegetable and herb seedlings makes us the best choice for all your gardening needs. Whether you're new to our shop or an existing customer, we're here to help you grow the best backyard bounty in San Jose! 

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