Our Mission

Revival Roots Nursery believes access to fresh and healthy food is a human right. We provide access to the best quality vegetable seedlings delivered directly to your doorstep ready to thrive in your garden.

How We Started

Founded in 2016, Revival Roots builds and maintains organic vegetable gardens, fruit tree orchards, and edible landscapes for homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles. Through providing exceptional service and growing bountiful gardens for our clients, we’ve learned to grow the best quality produce and understand how people interact with their homegrown bounties. We know that starting with quality seedlings leads to an abundant harvest, but finding quality plants was the tough part. To solve this issue and provide the best quality plants, we started our own in-house nursery to grow seedlings for our clients. In 2022, we founded Revival Roots Nursery to provide more people with the ability to easily access premium seedlings for their vegetable garden. We source organically grown vegetable and herb seedlings at peak maturity ready to thrive in your garden!

Our Team

Reed Newman
Reed started Revival Roots Nursery in order to provide people with the ability to connect with the food they consume. His interest in gardening and horticulture stemmed from his time growing up on a vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley in California's Central Coast. He attended Cornell University and received a degree in Environmental Science from the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Through founding Revival Roots, he has helped establish and maintain vegetable gardens across Southern California. He takes pride in providing access to high quality vegetable and herb seedlings and is excited to bring the true meaning of local to your backyard!



Nick Bielec
Born and raised in Southern California, Nick grew up in his grandfather’s greenhouse. His passion for gardening stems from shadowing his grandfather’s daily routine. Nick’s tireless work ethic and unbending patience comes from his background in working in the healthcare industry. Instilled with a green thumb right at birth, his grandfather’s massive garden has enriched his knowledge in horticulture, cultivation and landscaping over two decades. Nick continues to grow with Revival Roots because he truly believes that having access to organic vegetables are essential to living a better, healthier lifestyle! When Nick isn’t working, he enjoys going on adventures with his wife and two dogs, Bourbon and Benson.