Whether you are looking for a reliable tomato or a rare heirloom variety, Revival Roots Nursery offers high quality seedlings shipped at peak maturity. As the weather warms and spring arrives, many home gardeners start thinking about planting their vegetable gardens. The home gardener’s favorite is the coveted heirloom tomato. Not only are they delicious, but also the supreme joy of home gardening is picking freshly harvested tomatoes directly from your backyard. At Revival Roots Nursery, we offer a variety of tomato varieties including your standard slicing tomato, sweet cherry tomatoes, and heirloom varieties that are sure to impress.

One of the main benefits of growing tomatoes in the spring is the ability to enjoy fresh, homegrown tomatoes. There's nothing quite like the taste of a tomato picked straight from the vine, and the satisfaction of growing your own produce is hard to beat. Whether you choose to grow cherry tomatoes, beefsteak varieties, or heirloom tomatoes, there are plenty of delicious options from which to choose.

Growing your own tomatoes can be a cost-effective way to add fresh produce to your diet. With just a few plants, you can enjoy a steady supply of tomatoes throughout the growing season. By choosing heirloom tomato varieties, you are helping to preserve important genetic diversity in our food supply.

Revival Roots Nursery offers a wide variety of options from which to choose. Our garden specialists hand pick each variety to ensure they are not only easy to grow but they also produce the best quality bounty. Heirloom tomato varieties come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and each offers a unique flavor and texture. Whether you prefer sweet cherry tomatoes or meaty beefsteak varieties, there is an heirloom tomato for every taste.

This spring season, Revival Roots Nursery is excited to offer the following varieties:

Full Size
    • Better Bush Tomato: A beautiful red slicing tomato that has natural disease resistance and high yields. This variety tends to grow more compactly which makes it a perfect option to plant in pots and containers.
    • Beefsteak Tomato: A gorgeous red/pink tomato perfect for sandwiches and summer salads.  These impressive tomatoes can grow to weigh over 1 lbs making this popular variety a must in a warm season garden.
    • Black Krim Tomato: Originating from Russia, this heirloom variety is deep red and purple in color. With great flavor and balanced acidity, Black Krim is a personal favorite among the Revival Roots Nursery team.
    • Gold Medal Tomato: This bi-colored tomato composed of bright yellow and rosy red is an absolute stunner in the garden. The fruit has mild acidity and TONS of sweet flavor.  If you are to grow one tomato variety, this is the one we choose.
    • Mr. Stripey Tomato: With colors of yellow, red, and orange, this tomato variety produces large heirloom fruit that you are sure to enjoy.  Sweet flavor with supreme juiciness, makes Mr. Stripey a wonderful addition to any tomato plot.
    • San Marzano Tomato: This historic Italian plum tomato variety is renowned for its use in the best quality tomato sauces in the world.  If you want to make tomato sauce this season, this is the variety to plant… no question about it!
Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sungold Cherry Tomato: There is a reason Sungold Cherry tomatoes are a favorite among home gardeners. Producing high yields of plump orange cherry tomatoes, this variety will continue to offer fruit all season long.  Sungold tomatoes are prized for their irresistibly sweet flavor and ease of growing.
  • Juliet Grape Tomato: A sweet red grape tomato that produces high yields. Shaped like a mini Roma tomato, these are perfect to eat directly off the vine, tossed in a fresh salad, or briefly cooked to make a simple tomato sauce.