Every vegetable garden needs a few herbs planted to complete your homegrown garden experience.  With your warm season vegetable bounties growing, herbs complement any homegrown dish you will be making at home.  There’s nothing quite like being able to create a complete dish with all the necessary ingredients harvested directly from your garden.  We also love growing herbs for their versatility.  If you have a large garden, you can plant a whole plot of herbs to complement your other vegetables.  If you don't have much room (or any outdoor space), you can even grow herbs in a pot on a patio or a small windowsill planter.  Herbs can handle full sun exposure but can also tolerate filtered or partial sunlight.  Just think of the aroma of fresh herbs wafting from your growing space.

Italian Basil: A warm season must! These plants grow large and produce aromatic leaves ready to be used in a variety of ways.  Whether you want to make garden fresh pesto, add to your tomato harvest for a caprese salad, or create a marinade for your next BBQ, Italian Basil is our go-to warm season herb.  We like planting at least 3 seedlings so we have a bounty of fresh basil all season long.

Cilantro: Did someone say flavor? Cilantro grows quickly and offers continual harvest to add a pop of flavor to any dish.  The tender leaves can easily be harvested by cutting the stems near the base. We love cilantro for its uses in salsa, marinades, cocktails, and sauces.

Italian Parsley: Italian flat leaf Parsley produces handfuls of fresh leaves perfect for summertime cooking. The plants grow quickly and produce meaningful harvests all season long.  We love the clean and fresh flavor of Parsley when added to any homegrown meal.  You will find a few seedlings of Parsley in every Revival Roots Nursery team garden.