Italian Parsley

The bold flavor of Italian parsley will bring you back to Nona’s cooking. This culinary herb has a fresh flavor and can be used in just about every dish. A wonderful addition to a marinade as well as seasoning meats and veggies. We love it chopped up in salads to add a more complex flavor to your lettuces. Use it fresh cut or dry it for later use.

The parsley is ready to be harvested once the plant is established and is about 5-6 inches in height. The best way to harvest is to cut the larger stems near the base of the plant, leaving the smaller inner leaves to continue to grow. Be sure to prune or remove any dead leaves as the plant matures to keep the plant happy and healthy.

Days to Harvest: 21-35 Days
Light Requirements: Full to partial sun
Plant Spacing: 6-12”

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