Why Should I Grow Vegetables In Raised Beds?

Benefits Of Using Raised Garden Beds

There are many reasons to use raised beds instead of growing directly in the ground. I grow all my veggies in raised beds because it allows me to have more control when maintaining my garden. It utilizes my outdoor space more efficiently and makes gardening a breeze. At Revival Roots, we make our raised bed planters from sustainably sourced redwood and they are constructed with custom fabricated steel corners that sink into the ground for added stability. The options are endless when designing raised garden beds and having the ability to create a unique garden space is always a bonus for any gardener.

Watering Is Easier And You Conserve More

Using a raised garden bed keeps the water where it’s needed most, down to the roots! Whether you are using drip irrigation or hand watering, the water will go directly to your veggies and won’t run off to areas that don’t need it. At Revival Roots, we use a drip irrigation setup that delivers water directly to the root system and helps conserve water in hotter climates. Drainage is key for any plant! Your plant's root system needs to be able to take a breath of fresh air. Poor drainage can lead to unhealthy plants and if you're a tad heavy handed when watering you could easily over-water your plants and stress them out. Raised garden beds are much easier to test the soil moisture and ensure your plants are being watered adequately. 

Better Control Of Your Soil Quality For Optimal Growth

With a raised bed, you have complete control over the quality and continued health of your garden soil throughout the season. Another added benefit to using raised garden beds is using barriers to keep weeds and critters that may pop up from down below. We use metal mesh hardware cloth to stop tunneling rodents and a layer of weed mat to prevent invasive roots from popping through. 

Aesthetically Pleasing And Functional

Whether you’re building your own planter from concrete or brick, metal or wood, the possibilities are endless to enhance your outdoor space. A raised bed will keep everything up and out of the way. Bushy plants can trail down the side. Trellises can easily be installed for climbing plants, which will help keep pests from nibbling the foliage and make it easier to harvest your bounty. Accessibility is easier with a raised bed; you can access all sides of your garden bed which makes maintaining your plants a breeze and prevents you from stomping on your seedlings. For both young and older green thumbs, less bending over and straining your back is always a plus when maintaining your raised garden bed. Adding and designing gravel pathways around your raised beds helps keep the weeds at bay and adds another element of nature to your garden.

The best part of the raised garden bed is the versatility to protect your crops from tough weather and sneaky pests. If you’re in a colder climate it’s easy to pop on a row cover cloth or in hotter climates, it’s simple to add a quick shade cover. For pest prevention, you can add enclosures or place cloches to prevent those hungry critters from eating your crops. 

If you’re limited on space, raised beds are a great way to make the most out of small outdoor spaces. Or if you have ample room to build a large garden, raised garden beds can be made and designed in any shape or size to fit the aesthetic of your space.

Growing In Raised Beds Is Beneficial For Everyone

Whether it’s a backyard garden, a front yard location for the neighborhood to share or in your local school, a garden always benefits the community by creating a space that brings people together. Raised beds are a great option to add a garden to any space, the size of the garden can be customized to enhance any outdoor space whether you have plenty of room or just a little bit of room. There’s always a way to fit a garden bed into your landscape. Check out our seasonal vegetable and herb seedling offerings at our Nursery. Start growing your own Backyard-To-Table food today!