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Searching for a vegetable nursery in Santa Barbara?

Revival Roots Nursery offers organically-grown vegetable and herb seedlings, grown to peak maturity, ready to thrive in your garden. Experience the ease of shopping from the comfort of your home from our online store. Once you've placed your order, your seedlings will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few days! 

Our team of expert gardeners cultivate the highest quality seedlings, that are guaranteed to fit your vegetable plants needs in Santa Barbara. What makes us different than big box stores you ask? Well, we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. Growing our seedlings in small batches means we can provide you with the best quality seedlings at the perfect size, ready to grow and thrive in your garden. We found that the plants from big box stores were often lackluster and just didn't grow well. That's exactly why we started Revival Roots Nursery, to provide the best quality seedlings, with an easy ordering and delivery process! We grow our plants using organic farming methods, which ensures you receive the healthiest plants possible. Our goal is to provide you with the best vegetable plants for sale in Santa Barbara so you and your family can enjoy the fun of growing and harvesting them straight from your backyard! 

We only offer varieties that will thrive during the current season. After years of growing in the California climate, we've amassed a wealth of knowledge on what varieties grow best. Not only do we offer a wide variety of seasonal vegetable plants in Santa Barbara, but we also have a wonderful selection of herbs grown to thrive in the coastal climates! Whether you have a lot of backyard space or just a few pots, our herb plants for sale in Santa Barbara are the perfect fit for any space. If you're a seasoned gardener or just beginning, we have the organically grown veggie and herb seedlings you're looking for! 

Our vegetable plants for sale in Santa Barbara are 100% organically grown so you know that these are the highest quality plants you will find on the market today. Our vegetable nursery in Santa Barbara offers a wide selection of seasonal vegetables and herb plants for sale in Santa Barbara that you can choose from to match your culinary needs. Looking for vegetable and herb seedlings, we certainly have those! Have a question about what to plant or how to harvest, our specialist are standing by to answer any garden question you may have too! 

Shop our store today if you are looking for herb plants in Santa Barbara or vegetable plants for sale in Santa Barbara. We take care of growing your seedlings to perfect maturity so you don't have to. So check out our selection of vegetable plants in Santa Barbara and get your garden flourishing. We're here to help you along your backyard to table journey and look forward to all the bountiful harvests to come 

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