The workhorse of the warm season vegetable garden! Zucchini plants produce large leaves to gather enough energy to produce fruit and blossoms for months at a time. Revival Roots Nursery has thoughtfully selected zucchini varieties grown to peak maturity ready to thrive in your vegetable garden.  We love planting a couple of different varieties so we can shave the fruit for a zippy salad, grill for a summer BBQ, and stuff the blossoms for a delectable treat. The smell of zucchini plants is synonymous with spring and summer!

The garden specialists at Revival Roots Nursery recommend planting the seedlings 2 feet apart to ensure the plants have room to grow to their full potential. Zucchini plants produce both male and female flowers. The female flowers are shorter and form the fruit with which we are all familiar.  The male flowers grow on long stems and provide the female flowers with pollen they need to produce the fruit.  The team at Revival Roots Nursery loves to harvest a portion of the make flowers to toss in a fresh tomato sauce or stuff with ricotta cheese.  Just wait…you will be teleported to the Italian countryside!

This season, Revival Roots Nursery is offering two varieties, both a green and yellow option.  We recommend planting both options for a diverse color palette within the garden.

Black Beauty: This variety produces large dark green zucchinis with mild flavor.  With tender texture, you can chop for a stir fry, pop on the grill, or slice for a savory zucchini noodle. This is our go-to zucchini variety for the warm weather for it’s prolific growing habits and reliable production.

Golden Zucchini: Similar in shape to Black Beauty, Golden Zucchini produces medium sized fruit with yellow flesh and green stems.  Its bright yellow color provides a pop of color in the garden that is sure to impress.