Sweet, spicy, flavorful or mild… The warm weather means it’s the season to grow peppers. Revival Roots Nursery has thoughtfully selected a variety of pepper cultivars to fit your culinary needs. While peppers plants can take a bit of time to mature, once they start producing, you’ll have garden fresh peppers for months on end.  One advantage of ordering seedlings from Revival Roots Nursery is that you will be starting with a plant that is already about one month old.  Starting from seed can take many months for the plant to grow to maturity to begin producing fruit.  Starting with seedlings is the best trick to fast track your homegrown produce.

This season, Revival Roots Nursery is offering 5 pepper varieties to be shipped directly to your home. We are excited to offer some classics and also some heirloom varieties that are sure to impress.

Jalapeño: Spicy yet flavorful, Jalapeño plants are prolific as they are useful. Once the plant starts producing peppers, you will not stop harvesting for months. We love using the peppers to make a zippy salsa, add heat to any dish, or make a summertime spicy margarita! The team at Revival Roots Nursery recommends planting a least two plants to ensure you have a steady supply of Jalapeños all season long.

Lunchbox Mix: It’s snack time! These smaller size, sweet peppers make for the perfect midday bite or grilled to perfection for your outdoor BBQ.  Each plant produces a different color pepper including red, green, orange, and yellow. We love planting at least 4 plants to ensure we grow the rainbow of this unique variety.

California Wonder: The classic red bell pepper! These plants produce full sized peppers that can be used in a variety of ways.  As the plants mature, they will produce green colored peppers that will turn to a bright red color as they ripen.  You can harest the peppers green for a more vegetal flavor or let them fully ripen to red for a sweet bite.

Golden California Wonder: Similar in shape to the California Wonder bell pepper, the Golden variety, produces bright yellow sweet peppers.  There’s nothing like the crunch of a sweet bell pepper on a warm day! We love adding these peppers for a pop of color to any garden.

Purple Beauty: An absolute stunner! This heirloom bell pepper variety produces gorgeous purple colored peppers that will wow any home gardener.  With similar flavor to other bell varieties, Purple Beauty’s stunning color adds diversity to any vegetable garden.  You will find these seedlings at every home garden of the Revival Roots Nursery team.