There’s nothing quite as satisfying for the home gardener than harvesting a bounty of fresh eggplants from the garden. Once the plants start producing fruit, you will have fresh eggplants all season long.  The team at Revival Roots Nursery has thoughtfully curated 3 eggplant varieties for this season’s offering. We are offering a standard Italian variety, a stunning Spanish heirloom, and an Asian variety.  We love eggplants for their diversity in shape, color, and flavor.  There are also so many uses for eggplants in the kitchen that warrant planting a few seedlings in every home garden.

Black Beauty: The classic dark purple eggplant is popular for a reason! This prolific variety produces large eggplants that have so many culinary uses.  We love making dips, tossing on the grill, or adding to garden-fresh salads. If you are new to vegetable gardening, Black Beauty is the perfect reliable variety to produce impressive harvests.

Listada de Gandia: Oh my… A Spanish heirloom eggplant! This variety produces medium sized eggplants with gorgeous purple and white striping. If you enjoy heirloom tomatoes, this eggplant variety is the one to plant.  With sweet, tender flavor, this will become a favorite to add to any warm season vegetable garden.

Ping Trung Long: You wont regret growing this wonderful Asian eggplant variety that produces long shaped fruit. With thin skin and light purple color, this is the perfect eggplant to add to stir frys or curries. The long shaped fruit makes this the perfect variety to cut into bite sized pieces.  The team at Revival Roots Nursery loves cutting the fruit in half and roasting with a miso glaze for a homegrown treat!