Crunchy, juicy, and prolific… We’re talking about homegrown cucumbers! Cucumbers grow on a vine and are best grown on trellis on a wall, tomato cage, or trellis structure. As the vine grows, tendrils will grow to attach the vine to the trellis.  Once the plant starts producing fruit, it will produce fresh cucumbers all season long.  This year, Revival Roots Nursery is excited to offer two varieties of cucumber seedlings shipped directly to your home.

Baby Persian Cucumber: This prolific variety produces crisp ~6 inch long fruit all season long.  Especially for those who want a snack sized cucumber or can’t use a full English cucumber at one time, the Cucino cucumber is the perfect option.  With natural disease resistance, this variety is our go-to cucumber for the season.  We love the sweet flavor and smaller size making this an ideal variety for container planting.  Trust us - this will be a garden favorite!

Diva Cucumber: With thin skin and bitter-free flavor, the Diva cucumber is the perfect larger cucumber variety for the at home garden.  Diva plants produce vigorous vines growing up to 7 feet long.  We also love this variety for its natural disease resistance making it a breeze to grow in the garden.  The Revival Roots Nursery team enjoys using the fruit for fresh salads and thirst quenching green juice.

As cucumbers grow upwards on a vine, the seedlings do not require a lot of space.  If you are growing in a container or a pot, cucumbers are a wonderful addition to any edible landscape. Once they start producing, you will be amazed with the quantity of fresh cucumbers you will be able to harvest on a regular basis.