Cocozelle Zucchini

This striped Italian heirloom beauty is the race car of the vegetable garden! Fast growing and prolific, get ready to light your BBQ or slice thinly in a salad. Its taste is slightly nutty and more flavorful than most other zucchini varieties. It is decorated with dark and light green stripes and a firm greenish-white flesh.

Zucchini have both male and female flowers. The male flower can be identified by its long stem while the female flower is compact and forms close to the center of the plant. The male flowers can be harvested for use in the kitchen but be sure to leave a few on the plant to ensure proper fertilization. Zucchinis are ready to be harvested when they grow to be 6-8” long, however in Italy the Cocozelle zucchini is harvested at 1-2” for sweeter fruit.

Days to Harvest: 50-60 Days
Light Requirements: Full sun
Plant Spacing: 24-36”

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